Reasonable Costs

Get the cost benefits of large production runs at a fraction of the price!


Guaranteed Quality

By exceeding your quality specifications – we ensure you get EXACTLY what you want

On-Time Delivery

Customers rely on us to CONSISTENTLY meet or exceed required delivery timelines 



We're certified with SAM and eVA. ISO 2015 compliant. Cage Code: 70WT9 JCP: 0068776  

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Eliminate Your Worries

We relieve engineers, procurement & purchasing managers, and business owners from the constant worry associated with delays, poor communication & deliveries that don’t meet required tolerances.

Franklin Machine Shop gives you peace of mind.

Why Choose Franklin Machine Shop?

You need to run your business, not worry about "Tolerances," "On-Time Deliveries" and "Poor Communication." Let us run your machining project while you concentrate on running your business!

Who We Serve?

We serve anyone with a machining-need that MUST BE DONE RIGHT, including:


General Managers



Why Customer's Come To Us

At Franklin Machine Shop we focus on solving your unique problems, such as:

When your current vendor...

  • doesn’t deliver on time, as promised
  • doesn’t meet agreed-upon quality tolerances
  • can’t provide you both the large and small production runs you require

Or when you’re frustrated by...

  • poor communication
  • un-returned phone calls
  • emails that get late responses or no response at all

Or when you need a special machine shop that...

  • will provide you “peace of mind” without worrisome headaches
  • will provide you fast & friendly service for last-minute design changes
  • allows “open purchase orders’” to ensure immediate inventory is available – without the carrying costs!

Our Machines

Citizen L20VI

Mazak VCN 700D II

Mazak VCN 530C

Mazak Quick Turn 300

Quick Turn Universal 250

It is our policy to exceed our customer's needs by offering reliability, performance, and on-time delivery. We will continually improve our quality management system to ensure all applicable requirements are accomplished in a safe work environment.

Assurance of Quality and Timeliness

Franklin Machine Shop is committed to providing our customers with the very best precision-machined parts in a timely manner (with no surprises). We promise dependability, integrity, and the highest quality to all our customers. We do what we say - and say what we do at Franklin Machine Shop! Feel free to contact us. We look forward to earning your business!

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